Friday, March 04, 2005

sweet and spicy pork

xixi, the picture below is the pork that i cooked for eileen and eilleen. This is the first time that i tried to cook to this dish. Anyway, it tastes not bad! xixi~ both of them like it,but it's only a bit oily. Great, i am feeling that i am approaching to be a really good housewife now! :) I will get a degree for my undergraduate study, and also an invisible degree for being a qualified housewife in the future. hahaha~~

Eileen and Eilleen

Eileen –my housemate, classmate, dearest friend
Eilleen-another dearest friend of mine
I sometimes still dial the wrong number and get confused about their names.

27th Feb. is Eilleen’s birthday. God! I forgot to say ‘happy birthday’ to her, felt so sorry about it. I am such a careless friend. So I cooked dinner for her and also gave her a belated birthday card with my belated greeting.

I’ve talked a lot about Eileen, because we are living in the same house and studying the same course, also sharing lots of things in common. So I am going just to talk about another Eilleen today, who I also care and love much.

Eilleen is a girl who is from Wuhan province, China. I first met her when I was in Beijing international airport, but we didn’t talk because we just saw each other when we were queuing before check-in. Bangor is not a big city, well, or I have to say this is not a city but only a small, quiet town. Thus, I didn’t expect to see anyone in the airplane who went to the same place as me. But Eilleen was just the one who came to the same place to study as me. Maybe, we are meant to be a good friend in our lives since that moment. The first year when I was living in the hall, we were living in the same block. Almost everyday, we went shopping together, cooking together, sure, eating together too. I can’t imagine that how I could overcome loneliness without her accompany at that time. We chatted a lot about study, our past, now and also future, everything about our families, love etc. It seemed that there was really no secret between me and her. That was extremely happy time for me to enjoy, I am smiling now even though I am just blogging here about our past. Of course, our friendship is still growing up now:)

I can’t take very spicy food before I began to have dinner with her together everyday, but after having meal with her for a long time, I began to fall in love with spicy food. The foreigners always coughed badly when we were cooking in kitchen cos of the smell of species. Haha ! so funny! And they would immediately open the window in the kitchen and let that smell went out.

Eilleen is really a nice girl, she is not very talkative but with a really kind-heart. She helped me a lot when I was in a low spirit. We sometimes could chat from 8pm till 3 am, hehe, don’t know why we had so much to talk. Like now, I and Eileen (my housemate) also have endless topics to bublabubla.

Second year, I moved out and moved into this house which I am currently living in. Therefore, we don’t have too much time to be together and she moved out of hall too. So we didn’t chat that much like before because of different schedule and also the distance between my house and hers. I once thought that me and her were walking away from each other and we were not good friends as before. But I know that I am still caring her a lot at the bottom of my heart, though we didn’t contact quite often. I am going to graduate this year and leave this lovely, quiet and lonely small town where she still has to stay one more year, but I bet I will miss her a lot. And hope our friendship won’t die in distance, wish her happy everyday.

Last thing i want to say is that i really really feel lucky to have these two cuties as my good friends here, thanks Eileen and Eilleen! Huggggggggggggggggggg

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Damien Rice

Love this song a lot and share with all friends here!

Here is the link of this song ENJOY!

Artist : Damien Rice
Title : The Blower's Daugh

And so it is
Just like you said it would be
Life goes easy on me
Most of the time
And so it is
The shorter story
No love, no glory
No hero in her sky
I can't take my eyes off of you
I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my eyes off of you
I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my eyes...
And so it is
Just like you said it should be
We'll both forget the breeze
Most of the time
And so it is
The colder water
The blower's daughter
The pupil in denial
I can't take my eyes off of you
I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my eyes off of you
I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my eyes...
Did I say that I loathe you?
Did I say that I want to
Leave it all behind?
I can't take my mind off of you
I can't take my mind off you
I can't take my mind off of you
I can't take my mind off you
I can't take my mind off you
I can't take my mind...
My mind...
'Til I find somebody new

Saturday, February 26, 2005

nagging at 2:00am

I'm having the forth cup of tea today, downstairs is still talking aloud. Although i can't hear clearly what they are talking, they are making nosie anyway. Stomach isn't feeling comfortable, so i am treating myself with a cup of tea and hopefully it works.

MSN sucks today, i downloaded two different edition, unfortunately they are all not working well. Now, i am trying the third time. God bless me!

Now i am listening to a song named '此刻,你心里想起谁?'it's not a proper song to listen to at 2:17am alone. It made me feel sick and blue, but i've kept listening to it for almost 30 mins already. hehe! that's me!!

It's a bit cold here, and i am hugging a hot water bottle. I guess i really can't live without it in this chilly night. Hate being alone at this moment, i'm missing a warm hug or a sweet morning kiss and missing my bf's warm hands which will hold mine tightly whenever i am feeling chilly. It's great to be loved, but it's really sad to be away from your beloved. Both me and him are trying hard to get over this rocky time. We are expecting that moment to be together again, but.......will that moment come? i am getting lost during this long long waiting. I began to doubt our future and began to get confused about the meaning of love. One night, i cried to him and said that i can't stand this pain any more. He didn't say anything except sorry to me. It's not his fault,yet not mine either. Love doesn't only mean enjoying,but also suffering.

Eileen is right upstair doing the same thing as me now, blogging and music. We are also chatting at yahoo now. I am blogging whilst talking to her and i guess she 's doing the same thing as me. :) She is really like a sweet younger sister of mine.

Just said bye to her and now i am back to here.

I met tiger online yesterday night, and talked to him in an extremely cold way. Don't know why, i suddently got a bad mood so that i left him without saying too much. We haven't met each other online for several days, and he was busy with a big experiement and i was busy with....what? hehe, i acutally did nothing with my study. I have to do some real work from tomorrow, HAVE TO!!!! He is a nice guy who always takes good care of me online. He won't leave me alone if i asked him to stay with me. But i know i can't rely too much on him, cause we are living different lives and in different countries. He is a nice big brother, but he will only be with me online. Perhaps,that's the saddest thing of being too close to a cyber-friend. :(

3:20am ,i am feeling tired already.

Going to sleep now, Good night!

Parcel from my bf

My favourite!!!!

I love this crackers, really crispy!

Three kinds of soup!

This one is for blocking my ears while sleeping!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Parcel, Offer and Exam results

Thees days have been damn cold here and i am always holding hot water bottle in my room to warm up myself. Spring has come, hasn't it? Then, why the weather became colder than in winter?

I am going to see my tutor in 1 hour for picking up exam results. NERVOUS!NERVOUS! God bless me and hopefully i won't cry out when i see the results. I got a parcel from my bf today. He sent me some food with a ear-blocking stuff, xixi, he is really cute and considerate. Can you believe that this is the first parcel which i recevied since i've been here for 2 years already. My mom doesn't like sending me anything via airmail, it's very expensive and takes long time. Thus, i always feel a little depressed when my housemates get parcel from their friends or familives.

Beside getting a parcel from my bf, i also got an offer from Birmingham University. Well, i sent out four applications and i've got three offers in total. It's not bad, isn't it? But i am still waiting for the response from Manchester University which is my first choice. The deadline of paying deposit to Lancaster University is approaching. Come on! Manchester! sigh....what can i do? Waiting and waiting......

A friend of mine is coming to re-install the pc system for me, so i am going to cook for him tonight. Eileen, me and him will have dinner together. What are we going to have? um.....i am going to cook spicy chicken wings, beef with aubergine, another Veg. dish (haven't decided yet) and also Eileen is going to cook crabs. wowwwwwwwwwww! mouthwatering :P

I think my life isn't really that boring, hehe, at least i am happy to live with Eileen who is such an adorable girl. :D

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

when love is over!

when two broke up, do we really need to get everything back in order to completely end up this relationship? A friend of mine just broke up with his gf and she suddently asked him to give everything back to her, including letters, cards, gifts etc. He asked me 'why'? I am speechless......

Do we still have right to keep those sweet memories, if love has already gone with wind?
Do we have right to withdraw those sweet memories from others, if we have decided to end up this relationship unilaterally?
Don't we need to care other's feeling? Although she may not love him any more, he used to be her love. He is feeling sad and getting mad now, i can feel it though he didn't tell me and he didn't admit it. What a poor boy! He gave his whole heart to her sincerely, but he got nothing back. Love is not always sweet, i know, but i really don't want my friend to get hurt. Sigh.....cheer up,my dear friend! I am sure you can come over it and you will find your true love sooner or later.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

clever or stupid?

-'have you got any roses on valentine's day?'
-'no rose, but i got fever as valentine's present.'
-'sorry to hear that!'
-'you? any chocolate?'
-'yes, but it was not a happy date and we left each other with anger.'
-'en? what happened?'
-'well, she found out that i also sent out another set of chocolate to another country.'
-'what? god! how can u do it?'
-'i told her that i sent it to my brother cos he never tasted the nice chocolate from US.'
-'stupid excuse, unless you are a gay, i can't believe it!'
-'but she believed it, cos i held her hands ans looked straight to her eyes.'
-'hehe, i am speechless.'
-'she is great,cos she knows that i will only treat her better for making it up, but the other girl in another country will only get a box of chocolate.'

Is she really great?
Is she really clever?
I would not date with him again if i were her. Though people might say that this is not a big deal and you accept it, then, later on you might conuqer his whole heart. But it's not the point!! How can you bear staying with a guy who is enjoying your chocolate whilst sending out another box of sweet things to another girl in another country? I can't bear it even though i will get better treat later.

Is love a business?
Sure, it is not. And i do think love needs two hearts to protect and sincerely treat each other. Be frank ( not all the time,but most of time).

I am feeling sorry for that girl and also for that guy. They are pretty much like playing a game with each other, not really in love. Ridiculously, he reminded me to check my bf's receipt when i got a present from him. Because he might buy the same one for another girl as well. hehe, i don't know what's the point of keeping dating with a guy like this? sigh......

why blog?

why blog?

I talked about it with my friend on msn today a moment ago. And he said that i should try to make my blog be interesting so that more people will keep an eye on it. It is right, but i prefer to write for myself. I treat here as a place to release my bad mood and spread my happiness.
I am not a good writer and always feeling lack of words to express myself, especially, when i am writing in English. I guess it's a bit hard for friends to enjoy my writing, but i do enjoy myself here a lot. xixi !

I created it, I chose it, I live it and I love it!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Rushing Accounting Assignment (5)-end

12:47, i am enjoying my cup soup whilst blogging here. Eventually, i finished my assignmet by dating with it for 15 hours. Unforgettable 15 hours in my life so far, hehe, a bit over-stated but frankly speaking this is the first time that i've stayed up all night till 13:00 in the following day. Anyhow, nightmare is over! I am going to sleep soon, then get up and do double check on my work.

Alright, i guess i've done too much blog here today. Good for me, it's really a good practice both for improving my english writing skill and typing speed. :)

Eileen is working hard upstair in her attic and wish her good luck!

Rushing Accounting Assignment (4)

10:30am now! Getting faint now, fortunately, i 've only got one left. Geezz~ i've been keeping awake for almost 13 hours since yesterday night and now feeling like my head is heavier than my body. I guess i am really challenging my utmost now...... 15 pages for the first 4 journals plus introduction section have been done, i guess i have already over-written it. Did David Neal(accounting teacher) say 4000 words or 3000? can't remember le.

Eileen, have you got up yet? Come on, no more sleep la! sigh.......i went to wake her up 20 mins ago,but i don't think she's got up cause i didn't hear any sound in her room.

Damn! (sorry for saying so) i am truely,deeply get sick of those accounting journals now! you know what i am thinking now? haha, i want to burn them out after submitting my essay. :P don't say that i am mad, i bet you will think so if you've been intensively dating with them for nearly 13 hours. This is not a sweet date anyway, thus, it's bloody hard to enjoy it. :'(

My stomach is making nosie again, she is asking me to feed her up. But i am too tired to move my dead sleepy and exhausted body to kitchen and cook for myself. Perhaps i can just boil some hot water to warm up my stomach, whereas definitely 'No more tea, no more coffee!'

I am staring on my bed and really want to run to her and sleep on it. Sigh......Why am i abusing myself here? hehe, going back to the quesiton again. All because i want a better mark, otherwise i won't have time to give final draft to him on time. Am i a good student? I don' t think so. If yes, i should have already done it instead of rushing it now. No? Well....i don't want to say so, cause i am trying my best to achieve as much higher mark as i can. Alright then, stop asking nonsense. Saving more brain cells for shooting the last journal!!

10:55pm, super hungry-extremely tired-missing my bed badly......

Rushing Accounting Assignment (3)

8am now, i've done another one journal already. Great! break time again-with a cup of English tea. feeling quite warm now:) I am also treating myself some good songs now. I've decided to give myself 20 mins break so that i can do better job with next two journals. Anyway, i am approaching to the final victory! happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

My body is feeling so tired, and i've never tried to stay up all night like this. Hopefully, i won't experience this terrible journey again. Even once!!! sigh....the muscles of my neck and back are feeling aching and really want a massage. I am missing Eileen's little, but really powerful hands. :*) She called me around 3 am in the morning to tell me that she was going to bed, because she drank Chinese tea and it made her heart beating fast. Hope she is feeling better now. what a poor girl! Chinese tea doesn't work for me at all, so i took two cups of coffee instead of drinking tea.

(wow~ i like this song, named 'Hard to say i am sorry' , which is being played now. )

Undrawing the curtain, stretching my body, enjoying the sunshine, giving myself a big smile and saying ' U Can Make It!!!' :D

Rushing Accounting Assignment (2)

Now it's 6:20am on Wed. I've been working on my accouting assignment since yesterday 11:15pm till now. Feeling really dizzy now! :~( I've just finished the introduction section and the literature review of two journals, still got three left. Tiger came to online just now , so i talked to him for a while just for releasing myself from those papers. Good to talk to him all the time,cos he always can cheer me up and make me laugh. what a good tiger! hahaha~~~ :P

Now he's left and going to date with his lovely bed. Envy him so much ! I'm alone again and 'enjoying' the second cup of coffee. Hopefully, it can help me keep awake.

Q:Why am i pushing myself so hard?
A:Because i want better mark and don't want to fall behind of others. right! !!!!!! Keep working hard, Rui!!! ^&^

I got an email from my mom and she said that she dislikes my face with cosmetic on, which looks mature and not cute at all. I guess mom always wants her daughter to be a little angel who is pure and simple. Mom said that she feels that i've really grown up and she is old already. :( Mom, pls don't say so. It really made me feel sad and suddently want to cry in your arms. Mom, you know, i love you so much though i didnt speak it to you a lot before. You are the greatest mom at the bottom of my heart, FOREVER!

Alright, time to go back to my study now.

Good night, Tiger!
Good morning, Eileen!
Have a nice day, Mom!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Rushing Accounting Assignment(1)

8:00 pm here, i've just done my dinner. I am too full to go back to study immediately. In fact, i really don't want to face with those jounrals, so i am finding excuse to escape from the date with them so soon. Sleeping or not? My eyes are already half-closed and my brain also can't work efficiently. But i am afraid that i can't get up if i am going to sleep now, geeeeeeeez! Should i sleep or go to work inefficiently?

Study-inefficient, but still making progress
Sleep-might have an efficient work , but i am also undertaking the risk of not getting up later on time

I tried more than 10 times to open another Chinese blog of mine, it's so slow and the screen is always half-shown then it'll be stuck there. :¬( Sigh..... i opened it 10 mins ago and it's still in the process of opening. it's really 'SPEEDY'! *************************************************************************
10:50pm here now I got up at 10:30 then brushed my teeth and washed my face in order to totally wake myself up . Then i came back to my room and suddently noticed that there is a paper stuck on my door. It says:
一起努力,加油!we can make it!
What a sweet girl! what a good friend! Thanks a lot, eileen! No wonder you are my best-est friend here, you really cheer me up! Nothing else i will ask for,because i've got you-such a good friend and considerate sister. Are we soul-mate? xixi~ a kinda! i strongly believe so!!!!!! She is working hard upstair in her attic on accounting assignment, well, i am getting back to my study in a minute too. Great! done my coffee already.

Accounting assignment, i am coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentine's Gifts

What can i say? This is really a GREAT valentine's day. I got two gifts which are valentine's fever and FREE karaok concert. God! they are still singing aloud downstair and they sound really enjoy themselves! By the way, now it's already 11:20pm and also it's hard to appreciate their singing. TERRIBLE! Such selfish men!

I've been feeling a bit sick since yesterday and today i finally suffer from fever. I can't concentrate on my dating with accounting journals at all. It took me more than 5 hours to finish reading one journal. what an 'efficient' night!! Alright, calm down , i am getting mad now!

Anyway, apart from those two gifts. I did get several really sweet messages from Tiger. hehe! he is such a sweet guy and all those messages make me smile and feel happy. Cheers, tiger! Let me see, i also got free massage from eileen. wow~ i guess i am not really that bad luck.

Come on, give me a break pls! They are singing 让我欢喜让我忧 which is one of my favourite songs. Sigh........i am hopeless now! Alright, i will put on my earphone and get rid of their terrible songs and get out of the torture.

I am listening to the song named' when you say nothing at all' ,which sang by Alison Krauss. I love her voice, really feel like the voice from the heaven.

Ooooooooops, 11:30 already, right. Let me go back to my dating partner now--accounting journals!

wish all friends have a sweet dream tonight!